Destruction Of Churches Is Part Of ‘Islamic Doctrine’

All the evidence is in our faces that whether hidden or expressed, Muslims absolutely hate Christians as dictated to them via the Qu’ran. Since many ignore the oh so obvious signs, perhaps experts and scholars will help you understand. Only when it is understood Muslims are out to kill us, will we be able to fight back with the necessary tactics and will power backed by faith to save ourselves, our future families, and ultimately our nation.


A campaign by ISIS, also known as Islamic State, to destroy churches across Mosul, one of the ancient seats of Christianity where the faith has been practiced for 2,000 years, complies with the teaching of the Quran, according to several analysts.

The ISIS army of Islamic terrorists has been marching across Iraq, destroying Christians and evidence of their faith for months now. ISIS is blamed for the destruction of about 45 churches in Mosul.

Robert Spencer, author and Islamic terror analyst at Jihad Watch, says the violent campaign “does seem to have been a coordinated, planned action.”

And Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy vice president for research, said an attack on Christianity is the ultimate expression of Islam.

“ISIS is the purest expression of Islamic doctrine, law and scripture,” she said. Lopez noted the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has a doctorate in Islamic studies. “The leaders at least are highly educated, very sophisticated, deeply devout Muslims determined to achieve the dual objectives of
Caliphate and Shariah,” Lopez said.


Mark Durie of the Center for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths, said the destruction of Christian churches would be expected under a Muslim jihad.

“The churches are symbols of idolatry … and as such are being destroyed so they will not incite idolatrous worship in people. Shiite mosques are being destroyed for the same reason, only in the case of the Shiites, they are considered to be apostates,” Durie said.


A former CIA station chief who asked not to be identified for security reasons agreed the ISIS decision to destroy churches is consistent with their faith.

“ISIS and all other Muslim Brotherhood groups, along with the Shiite groups like Iran and Hezbollah, are manifestations of true Islam,” he said.

“All Muslims hate Christianity and Judaism…they have to; it’s mandated in the Quran and the hadiths,” he said. “To illustrate the true Islamic nature of ISIS, one simply needs to pull descriptions of Muhammad’s actions from history and also quote what he says via the Quran and hadiths about waging war against all non-Muslims, and the use of rape, torture and terror toward non-Muslims.”

Spencer said such hatred of Christian reflects
their teaching.

“Certainly their hatred is prompted by the Quran. Sura 9:30 says that those who say Jesus is the Son of God are under the curse of Allah. Suras 5:17 and 5:72 say that those who confess the divinity of Christ are unbelievers.”

Lopez said that lines up with Muslims’ determination to exercise their beliefs.

“It’s that they are determined to implement the doctrine of their faith. That doctrine is conquest to the extent possible. Any who stand in the way of that objective must die,” Lopez said.


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Muslim Doctrine Concerning Churches

Sharia law is draconian if not hostile to Christian worship. Consider the words of some of Islam’s most authoritative and classic jurists, the same ones revered today by Egypt’s Salafis. According to Ibn Qayyim author of the multivolume Rules for the Dhimmis, it is “obligatory” to destroy or convert into a mosque “every church” both old and new that exists on lands that were taken by Muslims through force, for they “breed corruption.” Even if Muslims are not sure whether one of “these things [churches] is old [pre-conquest] or new, it is better to err on the side of caution, treat it as new, and demolition it.”

Likewise, Ibn Taymiyya confirms that “the ulema of the Muslims from all four schools of law—Hanafi, Shafi‘i, Maliki, Hanbali, and others, including al-Thawri, al-Layth, all the way back to the companions and the followers—are all agreed that if the imam destroys every church in lands taken by force, such as Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Syria … this would not be deemed unjust of him,” adding that, if Christians resist, “they forfeit their covenant, their lives, and their possessions.” Elsewhere he writes, “Wherever Muslims live and have mosques, it is impermissible for any sign of infidelity to be present, churches or otherwise.”

Echoing the words of the jurists that the church is “worse than bars and brothels” and “houses of torment and fire,” in August 2009, Dar al-Ifta, an Al Azhar affiliate, issued a fatwa likening the building of a church to “a nightclub, a gambling casino, or building a barn for rearing pigs, cats or dogs.” In July 2012, Dr. Yassir al-Burhami, a prominent figure in Egypt’s Salafi movement, issued a fatwa forbidding Muslim taxi-drivers and bus-drivers from transporting Coptic Christian priests to their churches, which he depicted as “more forbidden than taking someone to a liquor bar.”

Regardless, one need only examine the Conditions of Omar—an influential document Muslims attribute to 7th century Caliph Omar, purportedly ratified with a conquered Christian community—to appreciate the plight of the church under Islam. Among other things, conquered Christians had to agree:

“Not to build a church in our city…and not to repair those that fall in ruins or are in Muslim quarters;….
Not to clang our cymbals except lightly and from the innermost recesses of our churches;
Not to display a cross on them [churches], nor raise our voices during prayer or readings in our churches anywhere near Muslims;
Not to produce a cross or [Christian] book in the markets of the Muslims;….
[I]f we change or contradict these conditions imposed upon ourselves . . . we forfeit our dhimma [covenant], and we become liable to the same treatment you inflict upon the people who resist and cause sedition.”


When it comes to churches, Islamic history is a testimony to Islamic doctrine: under Muslim rule, from the 7th century to the present, tens of thousands of churches that were once spread across thousands of miles of formerly Christian lands, were attacked, plundered, ransacked, destroyed and/or converted into mosques. Such a large number is consistent with the fact that, at the time of the Muslim conquests, half of the world’s entire Christian population lived in those lands invaded and subjugated by Islam.

According to one medieval Muslim historian, over the two-year-course of a particularly ruthless Christian persecution campaign, some 30,000 churches were burned or pillaged in Egypt and Syria alone. Major church attacks during Abbasid rule include when “the Muslims in Jerusalem made a rising [in 936] and burnt down the Church of the Resurrection [believed to be built atop the tomb of Christ] which they plundered, and destroyed all they could of it.” Nearly a century later, Caliph Hakim bi-Amr Allah (r. 996-1021) ordered that the already ravaged Church of the Resurrection be torn down “to its very foundations, apart from what could not be destroyed or pulled up, and they also destroyed the Golgotha and the Church of Saint Constantine and all that they contained, as well as all the sacred gravestones. They even tried to dig up the graves and wipe out all traces of their existence.”


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Hypocritical Ministries

A new video came out showing atheists with Ph.D.’s and college students look like idiots. The ministry claims it wants your help to get “Free” copies in the hands of students and pastors to air it.

Well, Spiritual Messiah Ministries aired the video with links to the ministries website to purchase the DVD’s Here and Here. Spiritual Messiah Ministries posted the video with links back to the LivingWaters ministry website, took no credit for the video, was not seeking to profit from the video in any way. The ministry was simply dueing what they felt LivingWaters claimed they wanted done, brought attention to the video and linked-back to the website for the video so people can purchase DVDs from LivingWaters. Spiritual Mesiah Ministries posted the video under the protection of the ‘Fair Use’ Agreement.

Within 12hours time a member of LivingWaters sent Spiritual Messiah Ministries an email (via the ministries youtube channel) requesting that Spiritual Messiah Ministries take down the video. Shortly after, Rev. Dr. Red was notified by another that Ray Comfort (with LivingWaters) has a DCMA suit against him for a similar posting.

LivingWaters seems to be a Sham-Scam ministry, which brings in millions-per-year, each staffer making over 6 figures per year (most are family members to Ray), who only care about the Benjamins rather than Jesus. It is supposed to be the task of Christian ministries to spread the message of Christ, not use it for their own personal gain.

LivingWaters wants to put “Free” copies of their video infront of the eyes of high school and college students, so long as you pay them to do it. They only seem to care about spreading Gods Word so long as they can profit from it.

It is ministries such as this, alongside televangelists, that makes both Christians and the message of Christ look hypocritical. It is no wonder so many people are turning away from Christ with their heads full of lies about Christianity. They are surrounded by (and many were once members of) churches, pastors, and ministries of greed. Churches and ministries headed by Satan, not Christ.

When searching out Christian videos/audio tracts, ministries to support, etc., be sure to see if Satan or Christ is heading that church/ministry.

If you have a story similar to this, email it to Be sure to include the name of the ministry and as much information as you remember. All incidents will be verified before posting.