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Reds Revelations™ is hosted by Rev. Dr. Red of Spiritual Messiah Ministries. He put Reds Revelations™ together initially as an internet-based talk-radio show and is now being transformed into a full-fledged news source and is working with the Patriot Nationalist Movement™. In so doing, he hopes to reach a broader audience about the many issues concerning America, and unless addressed, where these issues are taking America. If you have the American Spirit and the want for Freedom in our nation, join the team.

It is no mistake to think America is currently heading down the wrong path. Our Constitution is being trampled and shred at every turn. There are many mainstream groups who claim to be conservative, but are accomplishing nothing. They are only concerned with membership and the cash-flow. There are enough organizations out there preaching half-truths and all lies. American Patriots need to stop allowing themselves to be misled by disinfo agents. We need to come together as the force we are and regain our Freedom ourselves.

The first step in regaining Freedom and putting the Constitution back in place is to spread the hard Truth. The facts that: we are considered govt property, not free individuals; our Constitution is being replaced by Marxism; our society and economy is being intentionally destroyed by the very people that were elected to serve us and uphold the Constitution.

It’s not being suggested you must join RR™ to spread the truth and save America, but united we are stronger and louder.

Show co-hosts

With your joining RR™:
More episodes of RR™ can be broadcast more often
RR™ can organize fundraisers to help cover costs of operation and expand our program
RR™ can more effectively reach the millions of Americans being decieved not only by the elected officials but also by alleged conservative groups only concerned about themselves.
RR™ may be able to aid in the uniting of all TRUE Patriot groups and individuals into one force. Divided we will continue to fall.

All that is required for you to join the RR™ team:
You are atleast 18 years old natural-born American citizen
Know the US Constitution and understand your Constitutional rights
Understand and are up to date on politics
Are well-spoken and people friendly
Will be able to co-host and/or host episodes of RR™ (and/or) will be able to write articles on important issues
Will be able to organize fundraisers, unity rallies, etc.

If you would like to join RR™, fill out the form below or email with the following information:
Name, Age, State of residence, and what skills you can bring to the RR™ team.

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