Was The Santa Barbara Shooting Really A Hoax?

Was the Santa Barbara shooting a hoax? I offer a few links with different views on the events. You be the judge.

From Alleged Santa Barbara Stabbing And Shooting Another Contrived Pre-Planned Event

Comment #2 by the same Moralmatters.org
How is it that a 22 Y-O spoiled kid was able to write a 141-page “manifesto” that reads somewhat like a Hollywood screenplay?
How is it that a 22 Y-O “gay as pink ink” kid was able to stab three MALE roommates to death? Were they all standing in line, each man waiting for his turn to be stabbed? This part of the story is particularly hard to believe.

This fey little kid was reportedly shot through the hip (while he was still driving), and when his car finally stopped, he allegedly shot himself in the head. The attached photo shows the car after the crime spree was stopped.

The air bag deployed, but we see no blood at all – anywhere in or around the vicinity of the car.

Why is there no blood from all the gunshots? The Sheriff said his deputies shot the kid in the hip. No blood . As an afterthought, the Sheriff remembered to tell the news media that the kid had shot himself in the head and was deceased when the deputies came to pull him out of the car. No blood.

How is it that after so much shooting and a dead body that expired as a consequence of gun shot wounds, there is no blood in or around the BMW? That BMW was the scene of the death of the perpetrator who died by gun shot wounds he sustained while he was in the car.

Proof Santa Barbara Convenience Store Shooting A Hoax
Source: NoDisinfo.com

It’s a crate of glass, marked “GLASS” via the red sticker. Plus, there are other components on the top, all that is necessary to replace the damaged panes. Moreover, it is right there in the store even before they have a chance to clean up the red food coloring (Note: they could have made it at least a bit more believable by tearing open a couple of bags of chips at the level of the hammer strikes on the window, as if they were torn open by the bullets).

Santa Barbara Driveby Mass Shooting Hoax Exposed (Video)
Source: BeforeItsNews.com

Santa Barbara Driveby Mass Shooting Exposed [Video]
Source: SecretsOfTheFed.com

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