Is A Financial Meltdown In America’s Near Future?

Financial meltdown is on its way. We have several sources of information, but below we’ll link to articles by TheBlaze. Anyone who has been following Rev. Dr. Reds work through his website, the ministry or his youtube channel knows he is concerned about America and has been lining up todays events with Bible Prophecy near perfectly. If you line up todays financial situation, it is next to impossible to deny where America, and the globe is heading.

If we don’t realize the Federal Reserve is NOT a federal agency; our dollar is being abandoned by international nations (which obviously affects our dollar being the “global currency”); and the Federal Reserve is essentially holding us hostage via QE3 (Congress, in 1913, lost ability (unconstitutionally) to print money to the Federal Reserve. The Reserve prints, then lends our government money with interest. To pay this interest the IRS forced (illegally) an income tax on Americans. [First, the 16 Amendment was never ratified, therefore it is ‘null & void’. Second, there is NO law requiring Americans to pay income taxes. The income tax is for CORPORATE gains, not labour in exchange for payment. In other words, there is no income tax (legally) for the average American.]). If we dont realize this, and through civil disobediance, take back our nation and re-instate America, America is doomed.

From day one of the sellout (Congressional Act of 1871), the handing over of the power to print our own money to outside banks (in 1913, illegally), we have been setup to fall. We are just cattle to these people. A global economy is in the making. But first, the current system is needs to fall. Anytime now, unless we fight back, it will. Other nations already are.

Before the links are posted, let me add this tidbit. In 1995 the NAU (North American Union) was formed. Behind the backs of the American, Canadian, Mexican people. Now do you know why our borders aren’t being enforced? They have an EU and NAU. Next step is the AU (Asian Union), hence all the wars in area. Look it up, this is another topic for another time but does fit the bigger picture.

Now the links:

Stocks Are Worried But It’s Probably Not The Shutdown

Obamas Dark Warning To Wall Street: ‘Be Concerned’

How Long Do We Have Before Seeing HyperInflation? One Experts Answer May Frighten You

Evidence Stock Market Crash Is Coming

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