NWO Greek Test: How To Round Up Conservatives And Tea Party Members?

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NWO Greek Test: How To Round Up Conservatives & Tea Party Members?
Source: Before Its News
By Live Free or Die

As a writer there are times when a theory is posed that goes against the general consensus, but as Alternative Media, it is our job to report everything and let readers decide for themselves what they believe and what they don’t. That is what we have attempted to do here as objectively as possible.

Is Greece and the political party Golden Dawn a test run, so to speak, for what Liberals in America plan for Conservatives and Libertarians?

Demonizing a political group by controlling a media a message after a false flag in order to remove opposition has been part of politics for ages, but what if it was taken a step further in order to assure the total extinction and removal of a political party?

Golden Dawn has been labeled racist neo-nazi’s and called xenophobic and they very well could be, we are not from Greece where they are a political party that was growing strong.

There are some though that believe the anti-open border group are simply a legitimate political party that has been labeled as extremists, much like liberals and the liberal media here in America consistently try to call Conservatives and Tea Party members racist and extremists.

How many times has an event, a murder, or a shooting occured here in America and the liberal meda instantly attempted to connect it to the political right because the shooter watched some show, read some site, agreed with any part of the right leaning ideology?

Keep that in mind during the very quick recap of what is happening in Greece right now.

Musician Pavlos Fyssas was murdered on September 18, 2013, by a man that claimed he supported Golden Dawn.

Those opposed to Golden Dawn as a political party, fired supportive members of the police, rounded up 22 Golden Dawn members, including members of parliament, and hauled them to jail, rushing to charge some of them including the party leader and deputy, them with murder, assault and money-laundering.

According to Golden Dawn’s website, immediate after the round up and political persecution of GD members, illegal aliens flooded the downtown streets of Athens again.

There is much more to the Golden Dawn story that cannot be covered in just one article, but the point of this first article is to show the comparison of the playbook being used.

1) Connect a political party to any attack, 2) the liberal media demonzies them, tries and convicts them in the court of public opinion, 3) then round them up like cattle after having removed any opposition to doing so and you are left with the NWO vision of complete control.

Liberals in America already practice steps one and two……. Greece could very well be a test run to see how effective step 3 will be here against Conservatives and Tea Party members.

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