What You’re Not Being Told About The Navy Yard Shooting

Everyone knows what the mainstream story on the Navy Yard Shooting and Aaron Alexis is. But what really happened? What is the mainstream media either ignoring or hiding?

For information about the Navy Yard Shooting and Aaron Alexis (the gunman) that is not being covered in mainstream media, please refer to the following:

Navy Yard Gunman: Stalked, Tortured, Induced To Kill

Washington DC Navy Yard Shooting Linked To Attempted Arrest Of Obama For Treason

Smart Meter Effects Drove Aaron Alexis To Navy Yard Shooting

The Navy Yard Shooting & The War On The Poor And Homeless [Audio] (The ‘Navy Yard Shooting’ is covered in the first hour, ‘War on the Poor and Homeless’ is covered in the second hour)

Updated and additional information will be linked here as it comes to our attention.
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