Is The Mark Of The Beast…Obamacare?

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2 Responses to Is The Mark Of The Beast…Obamacare?

  1. booboo says:

    where’s a place for the people to speak out? they strictly control all the media/ and news stations so everybody will believe their stories. of course it’s the mark, if it isn’t then he sure as hell tries real hard to look like the antichrist. he aint even a real human for one, why the hell would I want the insurance of a guy who’s most likely a robot/satan with no past and HE IS. sorry to break it to you. whether he’s the guy lying to everyone or a bunch of nitwits fake jews behind him, I don’t want it. cause you guys put demons in your photos, you’ve lied about news stories and there’s stuff from revelation going on in the sky.

    I bet a year into it he’ll make everyone get the mark or suggest it. just like he told you you could keep your insurance, he lied. he’ll lie again, just like his whole past. fake manufactured president, most likely a robot/image talking who makes people report fake news stories or the fake guys behind him runnin the show do. yea those snakes wrapped around the sword and hidden hellhounds in photos, I want that!

    he has ears that move on his head and puts real looking supernatural pools of blood/ and like demons in his photos, also has eyes in his head ( hidden) he is the beast full of eyes before and behind and if he isn’t someone is really tryin hard to make him look like he is.

    p/s my president poses as a guy named jay carney. he’s a fake. theyre playing a joke on the people, the guys in charge, a sick one or he’s the antichrist.

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