World War 3 – Past Warning?

Alot of people are talking about World War 3. Some claims seem farfetched, others seem right on the money.

Lets see what Rev. Dr. Red and Spiritual Messiah Ministries has been saying for atleast the past year. (All linked videos can be watched at the bottom of this post)

Posted on July 14, 2013 we have genda 21? World War 3? Bible Prophecy? A Warning – Click Here

Posted January 12, 2012 we have World War 3 In Bible Prophecy – (Video)

Posted on February 4, 2012 we have Iran, Israel, And The Coming War – (Video)

There is other related content, but what is here is sufficient. Rev. Dr. Red and many others have been talking about World War 3 for quite some time now. Granted sometimes the time-frame or exact details may be a little off, but is it of any surprise that Pastors discussing World War 3 lining up current events and the Bible can actually be accurate? Even if it’s not 100% accurate to every last detail, after all people do make mistakes, but accuracies are there nonetheless.

Yet people only discuss World War 3 or other matters of great concern in the mainstream when something large is happening. If you wait for a large sign, you have waited too long. You must discuss certain topics early, so when the event happens you are prepared for any possible scenario.

Rev. Dr. Red’s website is and Spiritual Messiah Ministries website is

World War 3 In Bible Prophecy

Iran, Israel, And The Coming War


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