Hypocritical Ministries

A new video came out showing atheists with Ph.D.’s and college students look like idiots. The ministry claims it wants your help to get “Free” copies in the hands of students and pastors to air it.

Well, Spiritual Messiah Ministries aired the video with links to the ministries website to purchase the DVD’s Here and Here. Spiritual Messiah Ministries posted the video with links back to the LivingWaters ministry website, took no credit for the video, was not seeking to profit from the video in any way. The ministry was simply dueing what they felt LivingWaters claimed they wanted done, brought attention to the video and linked-back to the website for the video so people can purchase DVDs from LivingWaters. Spiritual Mesiah Ministries posted the video under the protection of the ‘Fair Use’ Agreement.

Within 12hours time a member of LivingWaters sent Spiritual Messiah Ministries an email (via the ministries youtube channel) requesting that Spiritual Messiah Ministries take down the video. Shortly after, Rev. Dr. Red was notified by another that Ray Comfort (with LivingWaters) has a DCMA suit against him for a similar posting.

LivingWaters seems to be a Sham-Scam ministry, which brings in millions-per-year, each staffer making over 6 figures per year (most are family members to Ray), who only care about the Benjamins rather than Jesus. It is supposed to be the task of Christian ministries to spread the message of Christ, not use it for their own personal gain.

LivingWaters wants to put “Free” copies of their video infront of the eyes of high school and college students, so long as you pay them to do it. They only seem to care about spreading Gods Word so long as they can profit from it.

It is ministries such as this, alongside televangelists, that makes both Christians and the message of Christ look hypocritical. It is no wonder so many people are turning away from Christ with their heads full of lies about Christianity. They are surrounded by (and many were once members of) churches, pastors, and ministries of greed. Churches and ministries headed by Satan, not Christ.

When searching out Christian videos/audio tracts, ministries to support, etc., be sure to see if Satan or Christ is heading that church/ministry.

If you have a story similar to this, email it to RedsRevelations@gmail.com Be sure to include the name of the ministry and as much information as you remember. All incidents will be verified before posting.

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