Sept 9, 2013 – Americans To March On DC

Patriot Nationalist Movement

Source Article – Click Here

Source Website – Click Here

First thing we must all do is
Email our friends. Use Facebook to the
max by spreading the news on our profile
and all groups. Twitter it by using the
hashtag #DC Patriots and #DC Americans.
Tell everyone WE are rising up to restore
the power of Congress to the People,
where it rightfully belongs. Do this
repeatedly, at different times of the day,
different times of the week, so it hits
EVERYONES eyes. We need ALL EYES on
DC on 9/9. At the bottom of this page are
links to help you help us.
and talk to the chief of staff if you have
to. Tell them to Give us our Right to be
Heard INSIDE Congress, give us our Right
to a Redress of Grievances. Tell them WE

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