Reds Revelations Program Update

The ‘Reds Revelations’ internet-radio program is now a part of ‘The Spiritual Truth’ program of Spiritual Messiah Ministries  and the Spiritual Truth Coalition.

In these days of End Times the message of Truth is important moreso than before. Due to this, and the enormous support from Reds Revelations listeners, this is a path that must be taken.

The original panel of hosts has left the show over political and theological differences. We wish them the best in future endeavors. However, due to their departure, ‘Reds Revelations / The Spiritual Truth’ is seeking a new panel. Preferred size is a team of 5. If you are interested, regardless of theological or political background (civil controversy is healthy controversy), send an email to with ‘Panel’ in the subject line.

God Bless.


About Rev. Dr. Red
Minister, Public Speaker, Founder/Sr. Pastor of Spiritual Messiah Ministries, Founder of Spiritual Truth Movement & Coalition, Fisherman, Independent Marketer.

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