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Due to current limitations in equipment, some shows will be live and some will be pre-recorded. Live shows will be on TalkShoe while pe-recorded shows will appear on Spreaker. Location of each episode will be announced on our twitter account. So long as you check our updates often and follow us on twitter, you wont miss a show. Recordings of each episode will also be up for later listening or download.

Reds Revelations™ is a new show and we are dealing with unforeseen issues the best possible way we can.

Show Schedule:
》Live Shows are temporarily down. You may visit the Talkshoe channel to listen to past recordings. However, until the time this statement is removed, all new shows will appear on our Spreaker channel.《
-Shows air Mondays 9pm-10pm EST / 6pm-7pm PST on TalkShoe (some episodes will go until 11pm EST). Changes and ‘Special Broadcasts’ will be announced via twitter.

-Random (NO schedule; pre-recorded) episodes will appear on Spreaker. All Spreaker broadcasts will be posted to our twitter following publication.

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We aim to cover any and all topics. Many episodes will be extremely controversial.

If you have an idea for an episode or would like to be a guest on the show, all you need to do is contact us.

Email: RedsRevelations@gmail.com

Twitter: @RedsRevelations

Radio Show:
Host: Rev. Dr. Red of Spiritual Messiah Ministries

News updates comes from a variety of sources, team members, and Rev. Dr. Red’s views.

NOTICE: This show is hosted by Rev. Dr. Red, so a bit of preaching here and there is to be expected. This show was created to get the Truth out by making people think. It is expected to create controversy and cause emotions to stir. Listen at your OWN risk. If you dont like whats being said, simply dont listen.
As updated information comes to light (whether it be from newly discovered ancient texts, newly uncovered documents, or other sources) a series of broadcasts, and/or video and text posts, will follow in order to spread such information.
Reds Revelations™ is an agency of news and prophecy started by ReverendDrRed.com and Spiritual Messiah Ministries